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Undergraduate Research Assistants

We currently have three undergraduate research assistants working with us.

Erin Browning just graduated from UWM with a B.S. in Neuroscience and minors in biology and chemistry. Her research interests include memory and learning, neurological development and aging, and the effects of exercise on brain health. Her CV can be found here.

Erika Gilbart
Erika Gilbart is a junior at UWM and is planning to graduate next year. She has this to say about herself:

I am hoping to go to graduate school for clinical neuropsychology in fall 2013. This is the first research project I have been involved in and I'm learning a lot. I am interested in neuropsychology, psychopharmacology, the effects of drugs on the brain, and just how the brain works in general.

Katie Sullivan
just graduated from UWM. She volunteers in the lab.