Participate in Research

Confidential Brain Imaging Study
*We are currently NOT recruiting new participants for this study

Marijuana Users and Non-Users
16-25 years old, right handed, no un-removable metal
  • You will undergo a research MRI* of your brain and stomach while looking at pictures and words at the MCW Center for Imaging Research.
  • Your physical activity and fitness will be measured at UW-Milwaukee
  • You will complete thinking games and puzzles at UW-Milwaukee.
  • Confidentail, paid medical background interview with parent.
  • The study takes about 8 hours total over 5 sessions
  • You may receive up to $340 and a souvenir image of your brain for completing all sessions.
*MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is like an x-ray but safer.  For safety, you cannot have any permanent metal in or on your body.