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Research Report 2013: Teen Brains on Pot

posted Mar 7, 2013, 11:27 AM by UWM Brain Lab
Our current study was featured in UWM's 2013 Research Report:

Teen Brains on Pot Marijuana is the No. 2 drug of choice among teens, behind alcohol, and its use has been increasing. With a prestigious grant that recognizes the nation’s most promising young researchers, UWM’s Krista Lisdahl is testing whether exercise could be brain-protective for young pot smokers.

Calm teenagers can reason almost as well as adults. But introduce a negative emotion, like stress, into their decision-making process and it’s a whole other story.

Regular pot use before age 16 has been shown to disrupt development of parts of the brain involved in the ability to make rational decisions, persist over time and withhold responses in the face of a negative emotion.

Since exercise increases blood flow to the brain and releases several brain-healthy chemicals, UWM neuropsychologist Krista Lisdahl wonders what the cognitive effects of exercise would be on young, regular pot users.

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