Projects within the BraIN Lab include: (1) Dr. Lisdahl is the Substance Use Assessment Co-Chair and UWM Site for the Adolescent Brain and Cognitive Development (ABCD) study; this landmark study will follow 11,000 youth for 10 years to determine factors that impact adolescent brain, cognitive and affective development ( (2) Dr. Lisdahl was the PI on a NIDA-funded 7 year R01 project examining whether physical activity levels or cardiorespiratory health moderate the effects of marijuana use on frontolimbic connectivity in teens; (3) Dr. Lisdahl is the co-creator and site-PI for the NIDA-funded Imaging Data in Emerging Adults with Addiction (IDEAA) consortium- which includes Drs. Staci Gruber (Harvard/McLean Hospital), Susan Tapert (UCSD), and Francesca Filbey (UT-Dallas); (4) Dr. Lisdahl was the PI on a NIDA-funded R03 project examining the neurocognitive effects of marijuana, ecstasy and binge drinking in emerging adults (in data-analysis); (5) The UWM BraIN Lab collaborated with Dr. Ann Swartz to understand how standing desks impact activity levels, postural stability, cognition and classroom behavior in 100 school-aged children.